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Indy Holistic Hub Partners with Growing Places Indy

With the well-documented wealth inequality that exists, it’s becoming more apparent than ever that organizations that work together to form stronger local communities can help improve conditions. A great example of this local cooperation is Indy Holistic Hub and Growing Places Indy.

Indy Holistic Hub (IHH), a local grassroots movement that connects and expands holistic health and well-being by providing access to educational resources and holistic care, will start donating a portion of their membership dues to support Growing Places Indy, while spreading their message of holistic care at Growing Places venues.

In addition to holistic medical practitioners, such as chiropractors, naturopaths, life and wellness coaches, acupuncture, reflexology and energy workers, other IHH members include veterinary services, healthy food and beverage services, holistic spas, artists, and more.

Growing Places Indy is a local nonprofit that empowers people to cultivate personal, family and community wellness through urban agriculture, food access and mind-body education. Growing Places Indy spearheads the Eat Well Initiative Token Program, which allows those participating with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (aka food stamps) to use their benefit at the Indy Winter Farmers’ Market and the summer Farm Stand. The Eat Well program provides matching funds for SNAP recipients, which doubles and triples the buying power of the food stamps. Both the Indy Winter Farmers Market and Farm Stand are run by Growing Places Indy.

“Since my beginning vision of Indy Holistic Hub, I have wanted to donate a portion of our professional membership dues to a cause that aligns with ours,” says Jennifer Seffrin, founder of Indy Holistic Hub. “With solid footing, this is the ideal year to focus on doing that and doing it well.”

This partnership provides Growing Places an opportunity to expand the Eat Well Initiative, while also inviting the IHH to reach out to the Growing Places audience. The IHH will bring their message to the Indy Winter Farmers’ Market on March 25 and take part in the Lunch & Learn Public Discussion Series this summer, which is hosted by Growing Places Indy and will cover a wide range of food and health issues.

When communities band together to take back their health, they will ultimately rely less on corporate entities like the agriculture and pharmaceutical industries. This keeps more money circulating in local economies and improves access to jobs in these growing local farming and health initiatives, creating community bonds that are an absolute necessity in combating the current state of wealth inequality.

To support or join Indy Holistic Hub, search the directory of holistic practitioners and organizations throughout the community or find classes, educational materials and events offered by IHH, visit

Growing Places Indy’s Farm Stand is located at the John H. Boner Fitness and Learning Center, 727 N. Oriental St., Indianapolis. The Indy Winter Farmers’ Market is located at Circle City Industrial Complex, 1125 Brookside Ave., Indianapolis. For more information, visit

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