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Letter from Publisher

A Taste of Summer

July is a wonderfully abundant month in the Midwest, blessed by long days of warm sunshine, the height of outdoor activities and bountiful delicious crops. There’s little better than feasting on fresh Indiana corn on the cob to celebrate.

This month we focus on wholesome nutrition, highlighting farmers rooted in health plus antiinflammatory diets filled with good-for-you foods. Most Natural Awakening readers are concerned with where our food comes from, how it’s grown and feeling it’s a healthy addition to our diet.

As a self-designated foodie, I welcome access to a growing selection of healthful foods I enjoy. These days I also pay attention to how much energy and healing foods promise to provide.

Like me, many Americans suffer from inflammation, which over time can lead to illness and disease. A growing awareness of such issues is being increasingly addressed by communities of concerned and conscientious people. Individual entrepreneurs, small farm operations and scientific research are coming together to offer us better choices and nutritional value.

Melinda Hemmelgarn’s feature article “Organic Farmers: Growing America’s Health – Restoring the Nutritional Value of Crops,” shows enlightened farmers as active field health research scientists. How farmers operate impacts our health and safety through what we eat as well as through exposure to our shared environment of soil, air and water. We are seeing a growing number of farmers pursuing sustainable practices, raising organic and heirloom produce and searching for seeds that survive climate changes.

One of these small-scale farmers in Indianapolis, local entrepreneur Audrey Barron, shares a personal and passionate portrait of a family on a mission to provide healthy, vibrant nutrition to our community. Read “Farming for Life” for their intriguing story. As the owner and chef of Ezra’s Enlightened Café, in Broad Ripple, and more recently through starting a small farm and community learning/gathering place with her husband, Sam, Barron speaks to the experience and possibilities of small urban farming.

Locally, we’re fortunate to have access to a broad range of healthy food choices through farmers’ markets and farm-to-table restaurants. Still, we have a long road to go before everyone has access to nutrient-dense food, especially in populations facing food insecurity, institutional food services and a culture of processed fast food.

To address these types of challenges, Eskenazi Health is working to make a holistic, caring difference in community health, including investing in farms and farmers’ markets. Jenn Willhite spotlights their initiative and vision in “Ezkenazi Health Joins with Indy Urban Acres to Open Local Farm.”

All of this just might inspire you to help cultivate a community garden or build a backyard raised bed garden and experience a lovely connection to the land. There’s little better than treating yourself to the freshest taste of summer.

Wishing you a delicious month,

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Teona Wright, Publisher

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I’m from the Midwest, born and raised in Michigan before moving to Indianapolis in my 20s. I love experiencing the four seasons (sometimes all in one day), all kinds of sports, backyard picnics, yards for kids to play in and the strong sense of community here. The people are real, friendships can last a lifetime and neighbors tend to know and help one another.

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