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1. Local Recipes for a Rainbow of Benefits
Eating a wide variety of colors in your meal can lead to more satiation; eating more colors not only boosts the immune system but also increases energy!
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2. Local Super Soups
Warm. Hearty. Filling. These words describe the perfect wintertime meal: soup.
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3. Letter from Publisher
Each day offers us fresh opportunities to progress and recognize that any moment may present an opportunity to change our trajectory to something more positive and health affirming.
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4. Letter from Publisher
Through reading Natural Awakenings each month and listening to local and national natural health experts, we understand the intrinsic truth that “We are what we eat.”
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5. Letter from Publisher
Our May edition shines a light on strong women, with special features on motherhood and compassionate female leaders.
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6. Letter from Publisher
Travel changes us. Encountering different people, places and things in fresh surroundings, we tend to pay attention and notice news, views and details that expand our mind and experience of life.
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7. Letter from Publisher
Recognizing that we are constantly surrounded by newness and change can result in a powerful mind shift toward embracing the fresh possibilities of the moment we are in.
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8. Traditional Red Tent Women’s Interactive Musical Event
Attendees of all ages will enjoy an intimate evening with a sharing circle and an interactive concert led by Shakti Penelope.
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9. Letter From Publisher article 10 %
10. Special Diet Holiday Meal
Whether your holiday table seats a guest that eats a plant-based or paleo diet, or has an allergy to gluten, the local Indianapolis’ food movement offers a plethora of options.
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11. Letter from Publisher
February may be the shortest month of the year, yet it can be one of the most empowering: We fully shift into the new year, anticipating progress.
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12. Letter from Publisher
Your support and inspiration are helping each of us along our path to a healthier body, mind and spirit.
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