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1. Skinny Coconut & Co.
Skinny Coconut is an Indianapolis-based company that offers high-grade coconut oil and beauty products that are free of toxins.
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2. Local Courage
Our choices to help those in need have become the backbone of strength to courageously make a difference. Two local residents are doing just that, and here are their stories of encouragement and example.
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3. Vibrational Sound Therapy
Vibrational Sound Therapy, also known as “sound massage”, is a modality that changes consciousness by invoking the same deeply relaxed brain wave patterns that come from profound meditation.
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4. Experiencing Healthful Services at Greenwood Spa
The Art of Healing has many different techniques to melt your tensions and woes, including a float tank, infrared sauna and much more.
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5. Money is Spiritual
Local business and money educators utilize the laws within their education methods to help spiritual seekers become savvy in business ventures.
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6. Indiana Staycation
Extensive traveling brings new opportunities for seeing geographical wonders and experiencing other cultures, cuisine and traditions.
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7. Humarian Probiotics
The development of this product line was based on fulfilling a need in patient treatment, and applying thorough, sound research and clinical judgment.
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8. Local Opportunities for Silent Retreats
Local retreats for silent healing and meditation.
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9. Chiropractic Care Offers Holistic Healing article 100 %
10. Common Forms of Stress and Local Natural Relief
Five common categories that stress impacts include physical, nutritional, emotional, mental and from injury. Local holistic businesses share methods that help in each area.
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11. Unique Ways to Grow Special Needs Kids into Enabled Adults
Local centers in Indianapolis provide programs and support for assisting the development of autistic children, young adults and adults.
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12. Natural Solutions to Increase Libido and Hormone Health
In a society structured on productivity, women face many challenges in meeting the lifestyle essentials of nourishing their bodies with the right foods, exercise, and stress relieving activities
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13. Local Practitioners Offer Chronic Pain Solutions
Natural Awakenings Indy visited with several local practitioners that offer practical solutions for treating the root cause of the pain through emotional release, proper chi flow, and structural care.
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14. Giving Gifts with Meaning
Remain in an inner connected state by choosing gifts with mindfulness, creating intentions for each gift, and giving more time to others with full presence.
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15. Reboot this Summer with Local Detox Plans
In addition to physical activity, partaking in a cleanse or detoxification protocol will help aid the body in rebooting the system in a nutritional standpoint.
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16. Local Opportunities for Meeting Winter Fitness Goals
With the holiday season of delicious food and spirits in the rearview mirror, New Year’s resolutions often stimulate motivation to incorporate more fitness and healthy habits.
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17. Community Enhances Gratitude
Business owners in Indianapolis have found ways to retain a mindset of gratitude to adjust to the seasonal changes and continue giving to the community.
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18. Routes for Overcoming Cancer
Published in May, Maria Celeste Provenzano Cook’s new book, "What I Did to Heal Through Cancer, Chemotherapy and Radiation," shares tools for bringing the body into balance through both holistic and medical methods.
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19. Supporting the Body’s Aging Process article 100 %
20. Local Nutrition Authors Share Diabetes Prevention Tips
Both Fowler and Dawn Parker, health coach and cookbook author of The Healthy Chocoholic, are on a mission to spread the healthy ways of living for preventing diseases like diabetes through nutrition and lifestyle practices.
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