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1. Letter From Publisher article 10 %
2. Supporting the Body’s Aging Process article 100 %
3. Chiropractic Care Offers Holistic Healing article 100 %
4. Giving Gifts with Meaning
Remain in an inner connected state by choosing gifts with mindfulness, creating intentions for each gift, and giving more time to others with full presence.
article 100 %
5. Skinny Coconut & Co.
Skinny Coconut is an Indianapolis-based company that offers high-grade coconut oil and beauty products that are free of toxins.
article 100 %
6. Community Enhances Gratitude
Business owners in Indianapolis have found ways to retain a mindset of gratitude to adjust to the seasonal changes and continue giving to the community.
article 100 %
7. Local Super Soups
Warm. Hearty. Filling. These words describe the perfect wintertime meal: soup.
article 19 %
8. Local Recipes for a Rainbow of Benefits
Eating a wide variety of colors in your meal can lead to more satiation; eating more colors not only boosts the immune system but also increases energy!
article 19 %
9. Letter from Publisher
Through reading Natural Awakenings each month and listening to local and national natural health experts, we understand the intrinsic truth that “We are what we eat.”
article 10 %
10. Natural Solutions to Increase Libido and Hormone Health
In a society structured on productivity, women face many challenges in meeting the lifestyle essentials of nourishing their bodies with the right foods, exercise, and stress relieving activities
article 100 %
11. Special Diet Holiday Meal
Whether your holiday table seats a guest that eats a plant-based or paleo diet, or has an allergy to gluten, the local Indianapolis’ food movement offers a plethora of options.
article 10 %
12. Local Opportunities for Meeting Winter Fitness Goals
With the holiday season of delicious food and spirits in the rearview mirror, New Year’s resolutions often stimulate motivation to incorporate more fitness and healthy habits.
article 100 %
13. Traditional Red Tent Women’s Interactive Musical Event
Attendees of all ages will enjoy an intimate evening with a sharing circle and an interactive concert led by Shakti Penelope.
article 10 %
14. Letter from Publisher
Our May edition shines a light on strong women, with special features on motherhood and compassionate female leaders.
article 10 %
15. Local Practitioners Offer Chronic Pain Solutions
Natural Awakenings Indy visited with several local practitioners that offer practical solutions for treating the root cause of the pain through emotional release, proper chi flow, and structural care.
article 100 %
16. Letter from Publisher
Each day offers us fresh opportunities to progress and recognize that any moment may present an opportunity to change our trajectory to something more positive and health affirming.
article 10 %
17. Reboot this Summer with Local Detox Plans
In addition to physical activity, partaking in a cleanse or detoxification protocol will help aid the body in rebooting the system in a nutritional standpoint.
article 100 %
18. Money is Spiritual
Local business and money educators utilize the laws within their education methods to help spiritual seekers become savvy in business ventures.
article 100 %
19. Letter from Publisher
Recognizing that we are constantly surrounded by newness and change can result in a powerful mind shift toward embracing the fresh possibilities of the moment we are in.
article 10 %
20. Unique Ways to Grow Special Needs Kids into Enabled Adults
Local centers in Indianapolis provide programs and support for assisting the development of autistic children, young adults and adults.
article 100 %