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Letter from Publisher

Goodness Abounds

November is a gateway into a special season of gratitude and love, with Thanksgiving by its very name conjuring up good things—the gift of giving thanks. The convergence of cooler weather, shared rituals and celebrations provide an opportunity to cozy up and look inward to what matters most, and to then express it outwardly.

Volunteer opportunities center us and support our emotional well-being, allowing us to connect with others and share our time and resources to help enrich lives while at the same time reminding us of the spirit of giving. In our local feature by Jenn Willhite, “Thanksgiving Through Service,” we highlight many organizations throughout the community that offer meaningful and family-friendly opportunities to serve the needs of others.

While it can strengthen our heart and magnify our gratitude meter to serve others, it’s critical to balance our natural inclination to make every moment of the upcoming holiday season special and memorable for our family and friends. We can become depleted if we try to “do it all” through frenzied time management and determination to soldier through rather than make the decision to savor the moments and let go of some details and activities that don’t add to our enjoyment.

It’s easy to push aside some of the most important aspects of healthy living when we are intent on checking everything off our list, regardless the season. Selfcare and choices that support our personal well-being are what allow us to operate at more optimal levels, to have more energy, balance and strength—giving us the ability to do more and give back to others with a greater sense of peace and joy.

One of the best ways to enhance physical well-being is to support our immune system and gut health via a clean diet, key supplements and anti-stress measures including exercise and restful sleep. As the publisher of a healthy lifestyle magazine filled with resources to help myself and loved ones attain optimal wellness, I can attest that it’s not always easy to walk the talk.

In this month’s feature, “Supercharge Your Immune System – Natural Ways to Stay Healthy,” Kathleen Barnes details how challenges to our immune system can be neutralized and overcome with the right nutrition and lifestyle. It’s up to us to decide how we restore, maintain balance and thrive in our often-self-created world that can challenge us on every level. A periodic detox incorporating the “basic clean-up” foods and recommendations in Barnes’ article help me hit the reset button and keep on track.

I hope you give yourself the gift of a truly nourishing life this season, one filled with more balance than busyness—and that we can help you on your journey toward optimal wellness.

Happy Novembering

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Teona Wright, Publisher

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I’m from the Midwest, born and raised in Michigan before moving to Indianapolis in my 20s. I love experiencing the four seasons (sometimes all in one day), all kinds of sports, backyard picnics, yards for kids to play in and the strong sense of community here. The people are real, friendships can last a lifetime and neighbors tend to know and help one another.

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