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Finding Success in Simplicity

Skinny Coconut and Co. officially launched Vanilla Sugar Scrub, the newest addition to their Beauty Line, on September 25. Filling a demand for natural, healthy skincare options, it sold out within the first week. Skinny Coconut is an Indianapolis-based company that offers high-grade coconut oil and beauty products that are free of toxins.
When asked how they get closer to the source, team member Marynka Burns responded that they use ingredients that are found 100 percent from the Earth with no preservatives and no artificial added ingredients. For example, Vanilla Sugar Scrub is made with just three ingredients: Skinny Coconut Oil, organic coconut sugar and crushed vanilla bean.

“This goes onto the skin which means it goes into the body, and this will have an effect on the functioning of our organs,” says Burns. Each beauty product contains food-grade ingredients, which make the products completely edible. Burns says with the new sugar scrub, “You can literally slather it on toast.”

Company president Matt Geddie’s focus on natural health began with a diagnosis of mold poisoning that lead him to switch to chemical-free body products and a natural whole foods diet. His travels with his brother in Vietnam led to discovering a community using coconut oil for internal and external uses. They noticed the local residents had a glow to their skin and radiance in their eyes. When they started using the coconut oil, they started noticing these benefits in themselves as well.

The Geddie brothers developed Skinny Coconut & Co., with a mission to provide quality coconut oil products, but Skinny Coconut & Comanufactured in a way that is mindful and sustainable. Matt oversees the corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, while Luke lives in Vietnam and manages production and coconut extraction. The entire production process involving the picking, transporting and shipping is supervised by the owners to ensure the health of the environment and sustainability of the community where the coconuts are grown. The coconuts are wild harvested and manually extracted at low temperatures near 80 degrees, preserving the delicate enzymes and maintaining a high nutritional value.

The steps taken by a few can impact the many. With a strong belief in the power of community, the Skinny team is building a community centered on high quality products with a higher purpose. In addition to their recycling efforts and sustainable manufacturing practices, the company gives back 10% of proceeds to build schools, teach English and fund year-round farming in Vietnam.

Skinny Coconut & Co. is located at 6367 Guilford Ave., Indianapolis. For more information, visit

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