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Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations

SCIO Machine, Explained by Barbara Manley


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When Barbara Manley initially brought leading-edge technology to Indiana, it was to establish the state’s first hyperbaric oxygen therapy program at Community Hospital in Indianapolis. Now, more than three decades later, this holistic nurse is offering yet another groundbreaking technology. It’s SCIO, a therapeutic biofeedback system that measures the body’s energy frequencies—and then corrects those that are out of balance.  

In her own case, Manley first visited an SCIO therapist to bring her pain levels of 8 or 9 (on a scale of 10), down to levels of 2 or 3. She had suffered from severe cervical and lumbar spine disease, but with SCIO, she found her quality of life was dramatically improved. Now she’s able to exercise fully, teach yoga, go bicycling and go kayaking.    

A certified yoga instructor, Reiki Master and Level 5 Healing Touch practitioner who spent eight years working at the Deepak Chopra Center for Wellbeing in San Diego, Manley was so delighted with her SCIO results that she bought her own SCIO machine. She received extensive training in it and began to use it with clients in her integrative health practice in Fishers.

She says the SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations) system can detect nutritional deficiencies, allergies, food sensitivities, weaknesses in  specific organs, hormone levels, mental stress and more.  

“It just gives you so much information about people that they can then confirm as their tendencies, strengths or weaknesses,” says Manley, adding that SCIO gathers information through sensors placed on a client’s wrists, ankles and forehead.

After energy imbalances are detected, they are then improved or eliminated by the same machine. Corrective frequencies are sent to the body through the same sensors that were used to determine the imbalances.

Manley says that the frequencies can reduce stress by opening and balancing chakras, working on acupuncture points, working on reflexology points or using other forms of energy medicine.  “This can also help tremendously with inflammation, which is one of the biggest causes of pain,” she points out. “It’s a wonderful mind-body therapy.”

SCIO Sessions typically last 90 minutes and are $100 each or four sessions for $350. Manley also offers other forms of energy medicine (Reiki and Healing Touch) at the same prices.  

As she puts it, “Energy medicine is not the medicine of the future. It’s the medicine of now.”  

Location: Logan Institute For Wellness, 8499 Fishers Center Dr., Fishers. Phone: 317-753-1167. Email:  For more information visit
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