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Letter from Publisher

Here’s to Life’s Journey

Our May edition offers information and tips on pursuing optimal natural health, regardless of where we are in the cycle of life and wellness.

In our feature, “Healing the Hard Stuff: Natural Approaches Resolve Major Illnesses,” Linda Sechrist details alternative healing modalities that can support our journey to wellness even as we face challenging health issues. We expand the discussion and highlight local holistic providers in Jenn Willhite’s “Holistic Health – Modalities for Improved Health.”

Our family follows many of the natural approaches detailed, and I have gained deep appreciation for the benefits and healing effects on mind, body and spirit. Recently I’ve been paying extra attention to the signs and synchronicities of life, seeing how opportunities have a way of stepping in and changing our course, often in unexpected ways.

Five years ago, serendipitous events led Kim and myself to transition from being readers of Natural Awakenings to becoming the local publishers of our favorite publication. Owning and operating the Indianapolis franchise of this national family of magazines has been an exceptionally rewarding and life-fulfilling decision.

The entire trajectory of our lives changed and opened a path to provide solid and actionable information, good news and practical resources to support a naturally healthy and happy lifestyle for residents of our community. We are proud to be part of the Indianapolis wellness landscape and to experience firsthand the forward momentum the city is experiencing in the growth of many healthy and sustainable ways of living.

Because all of you are a critical component to our efforts and success, treasured as influential and joyful connections, we want to share our decision to now sell the Indianapolis franchise. Several family and life events have pointed me in the direction of retiring from my full-time role as publisher and shifting focus to more fully enjoying family, travel and charitable work.

While seeking the next owner/publisher, our intent is to retain the integrity and vibrancy of the magazine, with seamless operations throughout the transition. The next chapter can offer exciting impetus and growth. If you have a passion for our message and mission and desire to be a change agent in our community, please reach out to me to learn more about the opportunity to join the Natural Awakenings family of publishers.

Wishing you a lovely month of May,

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Teona Wright, Publisher

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