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Letter from Publisher

Change Agents

February may be the shortest month of the year, yet it can be one of the most empowering: We fully shift into the new year, anticipating progress. We may reassess, refine, realize or toss recent resolutions. We are reminded to celebrate love in its many forms come Valentine’s Day.

Self-love plays a vital role as we remember to be kind to ourselves and embrace life’s possibilities. How wonderful that our heart energy naturally radiates light. How we respond to life’s inevitable challenges presents opportunities to cover everyone in grace as we choose to magnify and celebrate the good. How we manage situations as well as unexpected moments defines who we are becoming and our growing capacity to bless and flourish.

Though we would never wish trials upon anyone, few escape traumatic episodes now and then. In our February feature, “Rising Above Adversity, How to Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle,” writer April Thompson shares examples of how we can find strength in adversity, discover the kindness of others and even come to view life through a radically new prism.

As a breast cancer survivor of many years, I can attest to the strength and beauty born from soldiering on through shocking change. I love Eleanor Roosevelt’s take, “A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

In a companion article, Allie McFee introduces us to two Indy area residents that are making a difference with “Local Courage Improves Lives of Others.” We too can wield helpful attitudes and tools toward making the most out of how we surmount hurdles.

As we navigate stormy waters, the importance of self-care supported by holistic wellness techniques becomes paramount. We are our own change agents for the better. Like me, I hope you look for helpfully practical information in our magazine, and each month look forward to considering and experiencing new ideas, techniques and resources.

This month we also encourage you to find a meditation practice that works for you, the wisdom of Charlie Chaplin’s view on self-love, and the top 10 heart-healthy food choices. Every month we provide resources throughout these pages, including our valued advertisers’ offerings, quick health tips, and calendar listings of the many healthy activities in town. We hope you make the most of it all and have a month filled with goodness and love.

Celebrating you,


Teona Wright, Publisher

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